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Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry delegation visits Indonesia to look for trade enhancement possibilities

February 17, 2015 | Industries | Share:

Karachi, February 17, 2015 (PPI-OT): A delegation of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) comprising Senior Vice President KCCI, Muhammad Ibrahim Kasumbi and Former President KCCI, Mian Abrar Ahmed visited Indonesia on an invitation extended by the Consulate General of Indonesia in Karachi to look for possibilities of enhancing trade between Pakistan and Indonesia.

KCCI delegation was accompanied by Consul General of Indonesia in Karachi, Hadi Santoso and Chairman Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan, Rafiq Suleman. During its visit, KCCI delegation visited Depok to attend an information session on Asia, Pacific and Africa which was attended by prominent envoys and around 100 representatives of various business communities from these regions. Besides promoting KCCI’s forthcoming My Karachi Exhibition, the delegation particularly focused on seeking ways and means of how to promote trade between the two countries.

Highlighting some of the details about the visit on his return from Jakarta, Former President KCCI, Mian Abrar Ahmed informed that KCCI delegation and Chairman REAP held a meeting with Director General of National Export Development (NED), Mr. Nus Nuzulia Ishak and Director NED Dody Edward in which the possibility of enhancing trade by focusing more on diversification of Pakistan’s export to Indonesia was discussed in detail.

Mian Abrar further advised that both countries should not just remain limited to exporting traditional goods only, but must focus on diversifying the product range. In this regard, Pakistan should focus on exporting textiles, value-added products, lentils, sugar and other commodities which are produced in bulk across Pakistan. He further said that the two countries can also collaborate in defence production.

Keeping in view the high consumption and shortfall of rice in Indonesia, Senior Vice President KCCI, Muhammad Ibrahim Kasumbi suggested that this was an area which can be prioritized for enhancing trade between the two countries as Pakistan produces high-quality rice, particularly the IRRI-6 which was widely being consumed in Indonesia. However, due to complex procedures, Pakistani exporters have not been able to enhance exports of this important commodity to Indonesia, he added.

In this regard, Kasumbi emphasized that both governments must simplify stringent procurement procedures with a view to enhance exports of Pakistani rice whereas the Indonesian government must also facilitate rice exports from Pakistan as it was much better when compared with the Indian rice which was currently being imported by Indonesia.

“Currently the balance of trade between the two countries was in favour of Indonesia but if we seriously focus on improving our rice exports and go for export diversification and value-addition, we would surely succeed in making trade balance favourable for us”, he added.

SVP KCCI, Muhammad Ibrahim Kasumbi pointed out that the existing trade volume was still far below the potential keeping in view the large population of both countries who share many similarities and have been enjoying strong and cordial relations.

He also invited the business community in Indonesia to visit and attend My Karachi- Oasis of Harmony exhibition scheduled to be organized at the Karachi Expo Centre from April 10 to 12, 2015 which would provide a perfect platform to Indonesian business community for B2B meetings and they can also explore Pakistani products and services exhibited at this mega event.

During a meeting with Mr. M. Wahid Supriyadi, Senior Advisor for Economic, Social and Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SVP KCCI Ibrahim Kasumbi stressed to need to improve business-to-business and people-to-people contacts between the two countries.

He was of the view that the changing geo-political dynamics after the exit of NATO forces from Afghanistan along with construction of Pakistan-China Trade Corridor will open up door of tremendous opportunities for the business communities of Pakistan and Indonesia to undertake joint ventures in Pakistan with a view to effectively penetrate into the Central Asian Republics (CARs) as well as SAARC countries.

Muhammad Ibrahim Kasumbi and Mian Abrar Ahmed also visited Pakistan High Commission in Indonesia where they met the Pakistan’s Acting High Commissioner, Zahid Raza and Commercial Attache, Maria Kazmi who made elaborate arrangements to facilitate KCCI delegation during its visit to Indonesia.

KCCI delegation also had a meeting with representatives of BULOG (The Bureau of Logistics Indonesia) which is a government-owned company in Indonesia dealing with food distribution, price control and procurement.

While summing up the overall review of KCCI delegation’s visit to Indonesia, Ibrahim Kasumbi stated that the Consul General of Indonesia in Karachi, Hadi Santoso and Pakistan’s High Commission in Indonesia played instrumental role towards facilitating this important visit which provided a perfect opportunity to better understand the Indonesian market requirements and demands.

He was confident that Pakistani exporters will surely be able to smoothly move into the Indonesian market, if they focus on value-addition and diversification while the governments of both countries must also announce special incentives and facilities in order to pave way for enhanced trade.

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