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Daily Archives: April 26, 2012

An account pursuant to the State Bank of Pakistan Act 1956, for the Week ended the 26th April, 2012

Karachi: STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN An account pursuant to the State Bank of Pakistan Act, 1956, for the Week ended the 26th April, 2012 ISSUE DEPARTMENT LIABILITIES Rs. Rs. ASSETS Rs. Rs. Notes held in the I.A.Gold Coin and Bullion 312,080,224,000 Banking Department 148,474,000 Silver Bullion Special Drawing Rights held …

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Statement of Affairs of The State Bank of Pakistan Banking Department As On The 26th April 2012

Karachi: STATEMENT OF AFFAIRS OF THE STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN BANKING DEPARTMENT AS ON THE 26TH APRIL, 2012 LIABILITIES Rs. ASSETS Rs. Capital paid up. 100,000,000 Notes. 148,474,000 Rupee Coin. Reserve Fund. 164,644,239,000 Subsidiary Coins. Bills Purchased and Discounted:- Rural Credit Fund. 2,600,000,000 a) Internal:- i) Agricultural Sector. Rs. Industrial …

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Government should increase budgetary allocation for education sector in upcoming budget – Yassar

Islamabad: The allocation of funds for education sector must be on top priority as our country needs qualified scientists, researchers and economist to drive the economy forward and increase the rate of economic growth. Government has introduced various education policies but education sector needs immediate attention from the public sector. …

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Italy to help Pakistan manage its over 20 million annual Solid Waste – Changez Jamali

Islamabad: Stronger linkages between Academia and Business Communities coupled with government support of the two friendly countries will lead to capacity building of Pakistan and sustainable management of solid waste in the country, said Pakistan’s Minister for Science and Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali while talking to experts and business …

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Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution to launch awareness campaign for workers

Karachi: EOB scheme has been extended to every industrial and commercial worker of the country and now the informal sector and even self-employed persons can also get register themselves with EOBI. This was stated by the Chairman Zafar Iqbal Gondal during a meeting for launching a national awareness campaign for …

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Sindh Government assures cooperation to timely complete rehabilitation project

Karachi: Karachi Affected Markets Relief Committee (KAMRC), Government of Sindh, organized the ceremony of 3rd Phase to hand over the possession of Ashura Arson-hit markets/shops to the affectees at Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) where Provincial Minister for Agriculture, Government of Sindh Syed Ali Nawaz Shah was invited …

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