SME Leasing Ltd Struggles in 2023

Karachi, SME Leasing Ltd NC, operational in the leasing sector since 2016, struggled in the market in 2023. The company's rate today stands at Rs. 2.20, which is also its daily weighted average rate. It has a paid-up capital of Rs. 320.00 million. SME Leasing did not declare any distribution in recent years. The company reported an EPS of Rs. 1.11 for 2021/2022 but faced a downturn with a low rate of Rs. (0.42).

HBL Equity Fund Announces Significant Returns

Karachi, The HBL Equity Fund, operational since 2011, announced significant returns for its investors. The fund's redemption price as of June 2023 was PKR 94.54. In 2021, it distributed a notable 12.00%, indicating a strong market performance.

JS Large Cap. Fund Delivers Strong Returns

Karachi, JS Large Cap. Fund, established in 2010, marked a remarkable performance with a redemption price of PKR 143.55 in June 2023. The fund notably distributed "Rs 8.00 per unit" in 2021, demonstrating its strong position in the large-cap market segment.

Pakistan Cables Ltd. Demonstrates Robust Performance in Cable Manufacturing

Karachi, Pakistan Cables Ltd. (PCAL), operating in the cable manufacturing sector, demonstrated robust performance in 2023. PCAL's today's rate stood at PKR 121.00, closely following its daily weighted average rate of PKR 120.81. The company, with a paid-up capital of PKR 495.07 million, reported a strong EPS of PKR 15.56 for the period of January to November 2023. Since its listing in 1955, PCAL has consistently declared distributions, including a 20% bonus distribution in 2023. The stock's high rate was PKR 81 this year, indicating a strong market position.

Popular Islamic Modaraba Shows Consistent Growth

Karachi, Popular Islamic Modaraba NC, active in the market since 2016, showed consistent growth this year. The modaraba's rate today is Rs. 12.75, with a high rate of Rs. 6 in 2023. It has a paid-up capital of Rs. 140.00 million. The modaraba distributed dividends of 4.034% in 2021, 3.744% in 2022, and 4.557% in 2023. Its EPS for 2021/2022 was Rs. 0.76.

Khyber Tobacco Company Reports Decline Amidst Challenging Market Conditions

Karachi, Khyber Tobacco Company (KHTC), a leading firm in the tobacco industry, faced a decline in its financial performance in 2023. The company's today's rate stood at PKR 339.85, with a daily weighted average rate of PKR 337.33. KHTC, with a paid-up capital of PKR 69.22 million, reported a significant negative EPS of PKR (14.28) for the period from January to November 2023. The company, which has been listed since 1968, did not declare any distributions for the current year. Its stock value reached a high rate of PKR 339.85 and a low rate of PKR 270 this year.