First Treet Mfg Modaraba Reflects Negative Earnings Despite High Capital

Karachi, First Treet Mfg Modaraba, trading under the symbol FTMM, reported a closing rate of Rs. 6.01 with a slightly higher daily weighted average rate of Rs. 6.11. The Modaraba has a significant paid-up capital of Rs. 8,835.90 million but reported negative earnings, with an EPS of Rs. (0.88) despite a year high rate of Rs. 9 and a turnover of 2,703,500.

Meezan Strategic Allocation Fund Active Across Multiple Plans

Karachi, The Meezan Strategic Allocation Fund, along with its various plans such as Meezan Capital Pre Plan-III, Strategic Allocation Plans I to V, introduced in 2019, has been active in the Pakistan Stock Exchange. These plans reported current rates ranging from 54.85 to 64.84 as of June, though specific distributions or earnings per unit were not disclosed for the year.

WorldCall Telecom Ltd NC Shows Strong Earnings in Telecommunication Sector

Karachi, WorldCall Telecom Ltd NC, a key player in the telecommunication sector, showcased strong earnings with an EPS of Rs. 6.17 for the period from January to November 2023. The company's stock traded at a high of Rs. 1.8 and a rate of Rs. 1.54, with a substantial turnover of 6,208,703,104 shares. WorldCall Telecom, with an extensive paid-up capital of Rs. 49,822.89 million and listed since 2005, did not declare any distributions for the year.

Pakistan Petroleum Limited Announces Substantial Profits and Dividends

Karachi, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), a major player in the country's oil and gas exploration sector, has reported impressive figures in its latest financial disclosure to the Pakistan Stock Exchange. With a daily weighted average rate of Rs. 119.95 against today's rate of Rs. 117.83, the company continues to maintain a strong position in the market. PPL has announced a series of distributions for the financial year, including 35% for 2021, 20% for 2022, and 25% for 2023, reflecting its robust performance. With a paid-up capital of Rs. 27,209.67 million, the company has shown a notable earnings per share (EPS) of Rs. 19.27 for the January-November 2023 period. Listed in 2004, PPL's share price has seen a high of Rs. 155 and a low of Rs. 95.24 this year, accompanied by a turnover of 1,551,829,063 shares.

Maqbool Textile Mills Ltd. Demonstrates Strong Market Performance in 2023

Karachi, Maqbool Textile Mills Ltd., operating under NC, demonstrated strong market performance with today's rate at Rs. 73.90. The company's paid-up capital is Rs. 184.32 million, declaring a 17.50% distribution for the year. Since its listing in 1992, the company achieved an EPS of Rs. 8.48, with a high rate of Rs. 94 and a turnover of 30,000.