Attock Refinery Reports Varied Closing Prices in Pakistan Stock Exchange Announcements

Islamabad, In the latest financial disclosures to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) on 26 March 2024, Attock Refinery Limited (ATRL) and its associated instruments exhibited a range of closing prices in Monday’s trading session.

Attock Refinery Limited, trading under the company code ATRL, closed at PKR 366, marking a slight increase from its opening price of PKR 363.99. The stock fluctuated between a low of PKR 361.22 and a high of PKR 362.61 throughout the trading day. A total of 531,137 shares were traded, with the closing price slightly higher than the opening at PKR 363.17.

In a parallel announcement, the Attock Refinery preference shares, labeled as ATRL-APRB, showed a notable closing price of PKR 371.52, up from the opening price of PKR 368.12. The shares experienced a trading range between PKR 367 and PKR 368.81, with 357,000 shares changing hands, culminating in a closing price of PKR 369.57.

The ATRL-MARB variant of Attock Refinery shares, another set of preference shares, had a closing day with a minor increase, opening at PKR 364.46 and closing at PKR 366.5. These shares saw a low of PKR 362.02 and a high of PKR 363.6, with a total of 422,000 shares traded, resulting in a final price equal to the opening at PKR 364.46.

Lastly, the ATRL-MAY series reported no trading activity for the day, with an opening and closing price of PKR 0, despite a listed high of PKR 379.88. The absence of trades left the closing price at PKR 380.73, suggesting a pricing adjustment in anticipation of future trading.

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