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Bank Al-FalahXD Reports Stock Movements on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Karachi, In the latest financial announcements made to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE), Bank Al-FalahXD has shown varying movements in its stock prices on Monday, March 26, 2024. The details of the trading session highlight the performance of different stock codes under the umbrella of Bank Al-FalahXD.

The primary stock code for Bank Al-FalahXD, coded as BAFL, opened at a price of PKR 53.51 and closed slightly higher at PKR 54.1, with the day’s low at PKR 52.16 and the high at PKR 53.14. A total of 88,253 shares were traded, and the stock’s closing price was registered at PKR 53.91.

Under the special stock code BAFL-APRB, no shares were traded, and both the opening and closing prices were reported as zero. Despite the lack of trading activity, the closing price was marked at PKR 55.15, which is noted for record purposes and indicates a valuation adjustment.

For the BAFL-MARB code, the stock was consistent, opening and closing at the same price of PKR 58.15. The low and high for the day were both recorded at PKR 53.6, with a total of 7,500 shares traded. The closing price for this stock was noted at PKR 56.99.

Similarly, the BAFL-MAY code saw no trading activity with both the opening and closing prices set at zero. The stock’s closing price was listed at PKR 56.52, suggesting a valuation adjustment despite the absence of trading transactions.

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