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Present Acute Poultry Crisis

July 1, 2019 | | Share:

Lahore, July 01, 2019 (PPI-OT): Ch. Muhammad Nusrat Tahir, Vice Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association (Northern Region), in a Press Briefing informed that poultry sector is one of the most organized branches of the agro-based sector of Pakistan. Poultry Sector has been serving the nation since 1962 and providing affordable poultry products to the masses to fulfill the requirements of animal protein.

Poultry at present contributes 40% of the total meat consumption and generates employment and income for thousands of people. It is also pertinent to mention here that poultry is the cheapest available meat protein source for our masses and as such, is an effective check upon the spiralling animal protein prices also.

In present conditions the prices of all commodities are touching the sky but PPA has managed to supply chicken meat and eggs in affordable prices which is available in the market for all mankind. In our country rates of all commodities have been abundantly increased except the Poultry products.

Prices of Chicken and eggs are always fluctuating as per demand and supply Mr. Chairman added that more than 40% ingredients of poultry feed are imported and due to present hike in exchange rate of dollar these ingredients have become out of the reach of feed millers. This increase of exchange of dollars has adverse impact on cost of production of Poultry feed as well as chicken meat and eggs.

Resultantly, Poultry farmers are reluctant to place chicks in their Poultry farms because of costly poultry feed and less market rate of their product. On the other hand cost of production of day old chick Rs.40 per chick but 50% chicks are being sold at the rate of Rs.1 or Rs.2 and 50% chicks are being dumped. This problem is getting worst day by day which will lead to acute shortage of Poultry meat and Eggs in the market in near future. This shortage couldn’t be overcome in short span of time.

At the end Mr. Chairman seeks support from the Government of Pakistan to facilitate the business of Poultry by providing relief in heavy taxes on Import duty of all kind of ingredients and Poultry medicine. Otherwise, poultry farmers would compelled to close down their business of Poultry production which would deprive the entire nation to have a cheap source of animal protein.

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