Meezan Islamic Income Fund Reveals Current Financial Position

Karachi, In its latest financial disclosure to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE), the Meezan Islamic Income Fund reported an offer price of 60.1 and a redemption price of 59.42. The reporting period for these figures ends in June 2024. The fund is known for its focus on income-generating Islamic financial instruments.

Century Paper Experiences Increase in Share Price

Karachi, Century Paper (CEPB) observed an increase in its share price, ending the day at PKR 29.51, higher than its opening at PKR 29.2. The stock's price fluctuated between PKR 28.55 and PKR 28.69, with a trading volume of 174,500 shares. The closing price averaged at PKR 28.94, indicating an upward movement in the company's market performance.

Amreli Steels Reports Minor Fluctuations in Stock Performance on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Karachi, The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) closed on 25 March with minor fluctuations in the stock performance of Amreli Steels, a leading steel manufacturer. The market summary provided by the PSE highlighted the trading activity of Amreli Steels under various codes, showing slight changes in its stock prices throughout the trading day.

Amreli Steels, trading under the company code ASTL, opened at a price of 22.18 and closed marginally higher at 22.2. The stock experienced a low of 21.5 and a high of 21.72 during the trading session, with a total of 137,613 shares changing hands. The closing price was noted at 21.85.

In addition, futures trading for Amreli Steels was reported under the codes ASTL-APR and ASTL-MAR. The APR futures opened and closed at 0, with a high of 22.22 and a closing price of 22.37, indicating no trading activity for the day. Meanwhile, the MAR futures saw a slight change, opening at 21.99 and closing at 22, with 2,500 shares traded. The stock hit a low of 21.8, matching its high for the day, and concluded at a closing price of 21.9.

Ghandhara Tyre Ends Unchanged in Today’s Trading Session

Islamabad, Ghandhara Tyre and Rubber Company experienced an unchanged closing at PKR 35.12, identical to its opening price. Throughout the trading day, the stock moved between PKR 35 and PKR 35.22, with a total of 135,000 shares traded. The company's performance today indicates a neutral market reaction to its stock, with no significant changes in its valuation.

NIT Pakistan Records Marginal Increase in Closing Prices Across Three Funds on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Karachi, The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) witnessed marginal movements in the closing prices of three funds managed by NIT Pakistan on Monday, March 25, 2024. Each of the funds showed a slight increase in their closing prices compared to the opening, although the trading activity for the day was reported to be nil.

The NIT Pakistan fund designated for April, known by its company code NITGETF-APR, closed at a price of 16.36, with its highest value for the day recorded at 16.35. Similarly, the fund for March, labeled NITGETF-MAR, saw its closing price settle at 16.04, touching a high of 16.03 during the trading session. Lastly, the May fund, NITGETF-MAY, ended the day at 16.76, with its peak price reaching 16.75. Despite the slight increments in their closing prices, none of the funds recorded any shares traded, indicating a lack of trading activity.

This summary encapsulates the day's movements for NIT Pakistan's funds on the PSE, highlighting the static nature of trading volumes but a minimal uptick in the closing prices across the board.