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(Colony) Sarhad Textile Mills Limited’s financial result for the period ended 31-12-2011

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Karachi: We have to inform you that the Board of Directors of our Company in their meeting held at 1700 Hrs on Monday, 27th February 2012, recommended the following.

(1) Cash Dividend

A final Cash Dividend for the Hair Year ended 31.12, 2011 @ Nil per share i.e. Nil%. Interim Dividend already been paid at Rs. Nil per share i.e. Nil%.

(2) Bonus Shares

It has also been recommended by the Board of Directors to Issue bonus shares in the proportion of Nil shares for every NIL share held i.e. Nil %. The bonus shares will be entitled/not entitled for the right shares.

3) Right Shares

The board has also recommended issuing Nil % Right Shares at par/at a premium of Rs. Nil per share in proportion of Nil shares for every Nil shares. The entitlement of right shares being declared simultaneously will be / will not be applicable on bonus shares as declared above.

4) Any Other Entitlement/ Corporate Action

5) Any Other Price Sensitive Information

The financial result of the company are as per annex -A attached.

The share holders whose names appear in the register of members on NIL date will the entitled to above entitle.

The share transfer books of the company will be closed from Nil date to Nil date (Both days inclusive) transfer received at the company’s registered office 125-Murree road Rawalpindi at the close of the business on Nil date will be treated in time for the purpose of payment of dividend, bonus shares and right shares or any other entitlement to the transferees.

(Colony) Sarhad Textile Mills Limited

Condensed Interim Profit and Loss Account (Un-Audited)

For The Half Year Ended December 31, 2010


Half year endedQuarter ended
Administrative expenses6,044,4684,096,6883,752,9202,953,348
Financial cost3,588,7413.577,6261,800,0531,788,943
Less on sale of obsolete stock406,383406,383
Other income(133,600)(19,825)(125,670)(11,895)
Loss for the period9,499,6098,060,8725,427,3085,136,779
Loss Per Share(237)(2.43)(1.36)(1.28)


For more information, Contact:
(Colony) Sarhad Textile Mills Limited
125, Murree Road, P.O. Box No. 341
Rawalpindi (Pakistan).
H.O. Rawalpindi Phone: (051) 5568051-3,
Fax: 92-51-5566310


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