Jordanian, Danish ministers discuss bilateral cooperation

Jordanian, Danish ministers discuss bilateral cooperation

February 21, 2017 | | Share:

Amman (IINA) - Jordanian Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Imad N. Fakhoury discussed with Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Ula Tornis means of enhancing bilateral cooperation.

The Danish minister is currently visiting Jordan to discuss issues of mutual concern such as the protracted Syrian refugee crisis in neighboring countries, and Jordanian efforts in hosting a huge number of Syrian refugees. The minister and his accompanying delegation is due to have field visits to camps and hosting communities of Syrian refugees to have a fresh look into their conditions, Petra reported.

Fakhoury expressed Jordan's appreciation of the Danish government's support to the kingdom in facing challenges arising from the Syrian crisis.

Also, he urged the Danish government to increase its support to Jordan by making an optimal benefit of the Danish - Arab Partnership Program of 2017-2021, and focusing on the programs of economic opportunities and employment, in addition to enhancing the implementation of Jordan Response Plan (JRP) to the Syrian Crisis 2017-2019 through the World Bank's concessional financing facility to reduce the costs of borrowing for development.

Besides Minister Fakhoury highlighted the importance of maintaining the post-London Conference momentum in the present year, in light of the increasing challenges facing Jordan. Challenges, he went on to say, are not limited to refugees, but their effect touches all aspects of life in Jordan.

He pointed out that the JRP of 2017-2019 concentrates on supporting host communities and budget support. The JRP was officially submitted to the international conference held in Helsinki and endorsed by the Jordanian government, international community and UN agencies in the 9th meeting of the Framework to Support Response to the Syrian Crisis.

He told the delegation that the JRP was officially endorsed as the only national reference to identify the needs of responding to the Syrian crisis.

Jordan, he said, reached the point of saturation in its ability to continue bearing burdens of hosting Syrian refugees on behalf of the world. It is of utmost importance that the international community continues to carry out its commitments and pledges to give sufficient support to Jordan so that it can enhance its resilience and continue to render relevant services.

It is of utmost importance to maintain the post-London Conference momentum to continue supporting Jordan and increasing financing to face increasing challenges, he reiterated.

Fakhoury urged Denmark to help Jordan to the benefit of the EU resolution to simplify rules of origin for Jordanian products to access European markets. He called on Danish companies to invest in Jordan and benefit of those simplified rules of origin.

Minister of Planning also highlighted the importance of continued support to the Jordan Compact and Jordan's resilience, by concentrating on development, investment, and employment.

The two sides discussed arrangements to convene the international conference that the EU is due to host in Brussels next spring to follow up on the outcomes of the London Conference and to continue the necessary coordination to maintain and increase support for the period of 2017-2019, in addition to supporting the budget, concessionary financing and the cash subsidies of the least fortunate Jordanians.

On her part, Tornis stressed that the continued support of Jordan is a priority to Denmark. She confirmed that her country would continue its humanitarian assistance and support to refugee-hosting communities. Denmark, she said, is committed to helping Jordan and other countries neighboring Syria that are affected by the refugee crisis. Denmark, she added, feels gratitude to Jordan's pivotal role in hosting Syrian refugees.

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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