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Eurail Group Offers 20% Discount on the Eurail Italy Pass

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, September 3, 2013/PRNewswire –

Eurail Italy Pass Off-Season Promotion Kicked Off On September 1, 2013

Since September 1 until October 31, 2013, Eurail Group is offering a 20% discount off the regular price of its Eurail Italy Passes. The promotional discount applies to both first and second class Eurail Italy Passes and is valid for all travel categories: adult, child and youth, including saver passes (group discounts). The Eurail Italy Pass provides the traveler with an option to select from three to ten travel days within a two-month period. The Eurail Italy Pass needs to be activated for travel within six months of purchase.

Eurail Italy Pass

Italy is the second most popular country overall for Eurail Pass holders, while the Eurail Italy Pass remains the best-selling One Country Pass. This should not come as a surprise. Italy’s railway network is as attractive as the country itself, offering an impressive high-speed system connecting Italy from North to South. As a result, rail travel has become increasingly popular within the country. The fleet of Frecciarossa trains makes the non-stop connection between Rome and Milan possible in less than three hours.

Traveling with the Eurail Italy Pass out of season enables easier access to Italy’s many historic landmarks, allowing the traveler to enjoy the beauty of art, tradition and sceneries unchanged for hundreds of years. Florence, Venice, Rome and Milan, Italy’s most visited destinations by Eurail Pass holders are easily accessible, as is the beautiful and varied Italian countryside. The ease of getting around via rail and the flexibility of being able to change travel plans provide the perfect ingredients for creating that unforgettable travel experience.

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Eurail: The Best Way to See Europe

Eurail Group offers four types of Eurail Passes as part of its portfolio to those residing outside of Europe: the Eurail Global Pass for travel in 24 member countries; the Eurail Select Pass, valid in three, four or five adjoining countries; the Eurail Regional Pass, restricted to small groups of neighboring countries and the Eurail One Country Pass, making the perfect travel companion for exploring a single country, such as Italy.

Eurail Passes are available from a worldwide network of Authorized General Sales Agents. Please visit

Eurail Group G.I.E., the organization dedicated to the marketing and management of the Eurail and InterRail Passes, is wholly owned by thirty participating railways and shipping companies. In addition, the Group has many benefit partners, including hotels, transport companies and museums, which offer their services either at a reduced rate or free of charge to rail pass holders.

Source: Eurail Group G.I.E.

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