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First Unified and Worldwide Symbol for Sustainable Energy

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GRONINGEN, The Netherlands, Apr. 26/ PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ —

Happy Energy, a young initiative that advocates a new positive culture change, proposes a new symbol as a recognizable and universal sign for sustainability.

A clean world requires us to switch to renewable energy and durable production methods. This is why an increasing number of people opt for green energy sources and environmentally friendly products. We want a society without pollution, climate crisis and unfair distribution of resources. There is however still no global sustainability logo in the world to identify this culture change.

The power of a strong symbol

Because there is not one unified logo in the world, we suggest to use the proposed sign as a recognizable and universal symbol for sustainability. With the iconic ‘happy energy’ label, developed by co-founder Erik Schoppen, there is now a symbol that clearly indicates that we want to live in a world where growth should not have a negative effect on people and our planet’s environment.

Free use of the sustainability logo

Inspiring projects that spread ‘happy energy’ may use the symbol. Information on how to obtain the logo can be found on our website Because using, sharing and promoting ‘happy energy’ is not something you do for yourself; you do it for the people you share our planet with, and in order to guarantee a fair future for new generations.

Movement for a Happy World

Happy Energy is a young future oriented movement that wants to propagate the positive philosophy of a sustainable society by means of renewable energy and sustainable products and projects that spread ‘happy energy’, using the Happy Energy logo as an identifiable and universal symbol.

Happy Energy is more than sustainable energy. It represents a new culture, the necessary follow-up to the industrial revolution. A culture that stands for social justice and respect for nature. Without pollution, climate issues and irresponsible use of resources and techniques. We are now at a point in history where such new culture is no longer a dream, but a realistic goal.

“Our ‘happy energy’ symbol is like the sun; it’s free and available for everyone.”

Wubbo Ockels, first Dutch astronaut, physicist and co-founder Happy Energy

The symbol can be downloaded for free from

High resolution images can be downloaded from:

SOURCE: Happy Energy


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