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Seminar on REX System by European Union for Issuance of Certificate of Origin

February 7, 2018 | General, Official News | Share:

Karachi, February 07, 2018 (PPI-OT): A new system for issuance of Certificate of Origin (COO) by beneficiary countries has been introduced by Europe Union (EU) to cover exports under the EU-GSP preferential tariff facility. Registered Exporters (REX) system will enable Pakistan’s exporters to issue the COO by themselves for 28 EU member states and also for Switzerland and Norway after their registration into EU’s REX database.

To educate the exporters about this new system, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) continues to organize seminars on REX System by European Union for Issuance of Certificate of origin. On 6th February, 2018, TDAP organized a Seminar on REX system in Hyderabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry, which was attended by the representatives of all regional chambers, trade associations, exporters and potential producers. Mr. Kamal Shahryar, Consultant, TDAP gave an elaborate presentation covering introduction of REX, eligibility for registration, method to become a registered exporter, REX in Pakistan progress and benefits and scope of TDAP’s operations for REX and Rules of Origin (ROO).

He informed that 36 countries including Pakistan were required to completely switch to the REX System by the end of December, 2017. Only six countries have successfully switched to REX system. Pakistan is one and has, so far, registered 4300 exporters into REX database. Mr. Kaleemullah Memon, deputy director, GSP Section, TDAP told that REX system is very simple. Mr. Ashiq Hussain Khoso, deputy director, TDAP, Hyderabad, emphasized up on the regional exporters to immediately get registered under REX system; if need be, TDAP will further help the exporters in registration process.

Mr. Sikandar Ali Rajput, Senior Vice President and Mr. Dolat Ram Lohana, vice president, Hyderabad Chamber of Small traders and Small Traders appreciated TDAP’s efforts to guide the exporters about REX System and emphasized on TDAP to continue to conduct seminars on new trends of the trade. Mr. Wasiuddin Sheikh, Chamber member, asked if the imported products qualify for export purpose. Mr. Kamal Shahryar informed that the exporter has to comply with the origin rules specified for those goods in the GSP scheme.

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