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Tribute paid to literary and diplomatic services of Patras Bokhari

August 19, 2018 | General, Official News | Share:

London, August 19, 2018 (PPI-OT): Speakers, including Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (UK) Sahebzada Ahmed Khan, have paid tribute to renowned humourist writer, broadcaster and diplomat, Ahmad Shah Bokhari commonly known as Patras Bokhari for his literary and diplomatic services for the cause of Pakistan. The event to remember Patras Bokhari was organized by the Pakistan Society London in collaboration with Pakistan High Commission here on Friday evening. Those, who spoke on the occasion, also included Chairman of Urdu Markaz (London) Javed Sheikh, Advocate Khalilur Raham and Peter Gourd.

A large number of British-Pakistani writers, diplomats, journalists and officials of the Pakistan High Commission attended the event. Sahebzada Ahmed Khan eulogised the contribution and valuable services of Patras Bokhari as a writer, broadcaster and diplomat for the cause of Pakistan which would be remembered for long. He also lauded the services of Patras Bokhari as Pakistan’s permanent representative in the United Nations.

The high commissioner called upon the country’s diplomats to follow his footprints as a symbol for services to Pakistan. He also lauded the contribution of Patras Bokhari for the revival of United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF). The other speakers also highlighted the contribution and services had rendered by Patras Bokhari in the fields of literature, broadcasting and diplomacy for Pakistan. Patras Bokhari as a bi-lingual writer not only authored books but also served as a lecturer and later as principal of the prestigious Government College Lahore.

They said that Patras Bokhari also drafted speeches for late Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan. They said his work at the UN was fully amazing. One of his major contributions was fight for the cause of UNICEF during a meeting called to discuss its closure because it had apparently fulfilled its designated task. Patras Bokhari during the meeting argued successfully that UNICEF was needed in developing countries more than its role in the European countries after World War-II, they added.

They said that his strong argument helped save the UNICEF from closure. The speakers also commended the role and diplomatic support of Patras Bokhari towards freedom of Tunisia and Morroco from colonial rulers. They also highlighted the literary contribution of Patras Bukhari in Pakistan.

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