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Arundhaty Roy joins protest against CAA and NRC

December 20, 2019 | General, Official News | Share:

New Delhi, December 20, 2019 (PPI-OT): Noted Indian writer and activist, Arundhati Roy, has joined the ongoing protest against the Citizen Amendment Act. Arundhati Roy participated in a demonstration held at Jantar-Mantar in New Delhi against the Citizen Amendment Act.

In an interview on the occasion, she said, “India is standing up. This government stands exposed and discredited. This is a day when love and solidarity face down bigotry and fascism.” She said that this time the Modi government would not be able to stop people from agitation.

She said that everybody had joined the protest against the unconstitutional CAA and National Register of Citizens (NRC). “We are Dalits, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Adivasis, Marxists, Ambedkarites, farmers, workers, academics, writers, poets, painters and most of all students who are the future of this country. This time you will not stop us,” she added.

Arundhati Roy said that the NRC and CAA when put together were discriminatory in nature and it was not just against the migrants but also against the poor. She said that the NRC and CAA together would turn all citizens into petitioners and the government would then decide who was a citizen.

The noted writer said that the laws were, no doubt, against the Muslims, Dalits and the poor but also against all those who didn’t have the papers. She said that the government had asked the people to go to the High Court and Supreme Court but who would have the money and power to go to the courts.

She said, these protests have united the country against bigotry and the smallest goal of the protests is to roll back the NRC and CAA but the main thing about it is the gentle giant that is the people of this country are standing up.

She said that the people had finally realized that it was a fascist, divisive and bigoted government, adding Muslims, Dalits, Christians, Sikhs, farmers, workers, academics, writers, journalists, lawyers and everyone had realized what was going on.

Arundhati Roy pointed out it was the beginning of the end of the Modi government. “But I am afraid that they are going to unleash their goons. They have already unleashed the hatred and the rumours on the social media. They are going to unleash the police. They are going to beat this down. But it will not be beaten down. This fascism will end,” she maintained.

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