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Govt has taken bold steps to incentivize IT sector: President

March 8, 2022 | | Share:

President Dr Arif Alvi has said that there is no shortage of human resource in Pakistan.

Addressing a function at Aiwane Sadrr, the President said Pakistani youth have the capabilities through which they can polish their skills.

The President said bold steps have been taken to incentivize the IT sector and to promote artificial intelligence in the country.

Dr Arif alvi said the country's huge youth bulge, if familiarized with information technology through the requirements of the market, can be turned into a productive workforce in lesser time.

He said the main components of our education must be to increase logical thinking and communication skills to polish the talent of young generation.

The President said world has become smaller due to information technology and artificial intelligence and the acquisition of knowledge is much easier as we can find all we need in the cloud.

Realizing the significance of technology, he maintained that within the next 10 years, a lot of things would be transformed as newspapers will be replaced and the virtual world would emerge

Source: Radio Pakistan

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