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Govt saved Pakistan from default: Miftah Ismail

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail says Pakistan’s imports have recorded significantly decrease of 2.7 billion dollars during the current month.

The imports last month were 7.7 billion dollars which have reduced to 5 billion dollars.

Addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Sunday, he said decrease in imports will help in reducing pressure on Pakistan rupee.

The Finance Minister said with decreasing imports, pressure on Pakistan’s economy will also be reduced from the next month and our government is determined to minimize the Current Account Deficit left by PTI.

Miftah Ismael said Economic Coordination Committee has approved to remove ban on imports except cars, mobile phones and home appliances.

He said incumbent government has saved the country from default. He said the government is taking steps to broaden the tax net.

The Minister lamented the previous government for their policies which led the country to economic crisis.

He said due to imprudent policies of PTI government unemployment has increased.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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