Hajj Moavineen gearing up to provide unmatched facilities to pilgrims in Makkah

Pakistan Hajj Moavineen are diligently preparing exceptional facilities to cater to the expected surge of intending pilgrims traveling from Madinah to Makkah Mukarramah.

In an interview with Radio Pakistan correspondent in Makkah Javed Iqbal, Director of Moavineen e Hujjaj Sajjad Haider Yildrimreassured that the local and Pakistan based Moavineen have been extensively prepared and adequately equipped to deliver comprehensive support to Hajj pilgrims.

He affirmed that the locally and Pakistan based Moavineen have undergone extensive preparation and have been equipped adequately to provide comprehensive support to Hajj pilgrims.

Despite encountering several hurdles, including the existence of vacant buildings for the past four years, concerted endeavors have been undertaken to tackle these issues.

Sajjad Haider Yildrim vowed ensuring that the pilgrims receive the highest level of amenities. He encouraged Pakistani pilgrims to reach out to Moavineen e Hujjaj for any required assistance.

Hajj Director Fahim Khan Afridi expressed that pilgrims are being warmly welcomed. Moavineen e Hujjaj are tirelessly working around the clock to facilitate the Hajj pilgrims. They offer comprehensive support, including guidance to the designated buildings and assistance with luggage placement in their respective rooms.

Deputy Director Operations Ahmed Noor Waziri confidently stated that the Pakistan Hajj Mission is fully equipped and ready to provide top-notch services to the prospective pilgrims.

The Pakistan Hajj Moavineen have meticulously planned and prepared to ensure that intending pilgrims receive nothing short of excellent facilities. He said they have devised multiple strategies to effectively handle transportation, accommodation, medical services, and other essential requirements, thereby guaranteeing a high standard of support for the pilgrims.

Despite the challenges posed by inactive buildings, the Pakistan Hajj Moavineen have implemented comprehensive measures to ensure that intending pilgrims are provided with exceptional facilities.

Sector commander of the hajj Moavineen Muhammad Faheem expressed the commitment to offering homely facilities, considering the pilgrims as part of their own family.

Meanwhile, a fresh group comprising more than 500 individuals arrived in Makkah. They were greeted with great warmth and hospitality.

On their arrival, they were welcomed with gift bags and refreshing juices.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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