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Turkey’s Mission to OIC: 15 July – Defining moment in the history of Turkish nation

July 15, 2017 | | Share:

Jeddah (IINA) � Turkey's Permanent Representative to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ambassador Salih Mutlu Sen said on Saturday that there are points of times in the histories of the nations which have defining impact on the nations' fate. The thwarted coup attempt of 15 July 2016 was one of those defining moments in the history of the Turkish nation.

The heinous coup attempt of 15 July 2016 posed an existential threat to our country and it was not a typical military putsch. At the first sightings of fighter jets flying over Ankara and Istanbul we recognized that there was something amiss. In the ensuing hours, this feeling was intensified by the horrifying realization that it was beyond a military coup d'etat and that the perpetrators of this hideous undertaking actually consisted of the disciples of Fetullah Gulen, the man who calls himself 'Imam of the Universe', Ambassador Sen said in a statement.

The coup attempt was the worst act of terror in the history of the Turkish Republic whereby the terrorists in military uniforms used lethal military hardware against innocent civilians who went out to the streets to defend their democracy and homeland, killing also the unsuspecting military personnel who took them for their comrades in arms and commanders who refused to take part in the attempt. The putschists used F-16 fighter jets to bomb the Turkish Parliament, the Presidential Compound, the National Intelligence Headquarters, and Special Forces Headquarters in an effort to subdue the resistance. Terrorists in uniforms sent an elite squad in full combat gear to assassinate the President and also the Prime Minister. On that night, 250 Turkish citizens were martyred and more than 2,000 were wounded, said the statement.

The ambassodor pointed out that July 15 was a test of strength and perseverance for the Turkish nation, democracy and the State. We are proud to have passed this test. All the political parties, both in government and in opposition, the uninfected elements of the Armed Forces, the Police Force and the media stood up against the coup plotters. Above all, it was the people of Turkey from all backgrounds and political views who resisted and displayed a historic example of solidarity as they stood selflessly in front of the tanks and reclaimed their country and democracy.

On the night of 15 July, as the coup unfolded it became obvious that Fetullah Gulen and his disciples were behind this bloody attempt. FETO (Fetullah Gulen Terrorist Organization) is not a benign civic education movement as some circles try hard to portray. What happened in Turkey one year ago is a reminder of what this organization may be capable of doing. These so-called "Gulenists" constitute a typical case of radicalization by a cult of personality. They believe that Gulen is the "Messiah" and that they are the "golden generation". Their loyalty is to him only, making them violate any legal, religious or ethical codes in order to advance the interests of this group. FETO is a new generation terrorist organization that is based on hypocrisy, concealment and secrecy, according to the statement.

The ambassador went on to say that the Turkish government had already taken action against this mafia-like cultish organization and its financial resources before July 15. The decision to shut down prep-schools was a huge blow against this structure, since these schools were the main recruitment centers and a major financial source for FETO. It was followed by a series of administrative and judicial investigations into the criminal aspects of the organization, including their large-scale cheatings at the admission exams for civil service positions, illegal wiretappings, money laundering operations, and many others. The police and the judiciary also had taken measures to discharge FETO members from their ranks. Attempting to capture the state by their disciples disguised as army officers was their last chance to survive. July 15 was a stark revelation of the existential threat that targeted the very foundations of the Turkish Republic.

He noted that the scale of FETO's penetration to the Turkish Armed Forces was shocking. Decoding the encrypted communication systems such as Bylock, used only by FETO members was the biggest breakthrough enabling the police to better identify FETO members who have infiltrated the state institutions and to uncover their illegal activities.

During the last year, criminal activities of FETO have also been investigated in more than a thousand different court cases, bringing to surface the darker undertakings of the organization. Confronting such a dark, sinister and clandestine structure is not easy. The Turkish government rightfully takes necessary and proportionate measures to suppress and eventually defeat this imminent threat.

The Turkish government declared a State of Emergency, immediately after the foiled terrorist coup attempt and extended it until mid-July 2017 in full conformity with our national legislation and international obligations. This was necessary to make the state organs act swiftly and effectively. In the course of the attempted coup very serious crimes amounting to massive human rights violations have been committed by the plotters. These crimes should be punished. We are determined to fight FETO with three things that they despise most: rule of law, morality, and democracy.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) adopted a historic Resolution, after comprehensive deliberation, on Fetullah Terrorist Organization in its preparatory Senior Officials Meeting on 28 July 2016, which was endorsed by consensus by the 43rd Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers in the same year. Resolution have proven once again the OIC's unwavering spirit of solidarity and cooperation with Turkey, a pivotal member of the Organization.

We are determined to fight this enemy of democracy, the FETO, through democracy under the determined leadership of President Erdogan. We are doing so, while we also fight other most dangerous terrorist organizations simultaneously. In these critical times, we need support and encouragement from our friends, the statement added.

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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