ICC Men’s T20 World Cup: Radio Pakistan resumes sports feature of live ball-to-ball commentary

Radio Pakistan has resumed its much-acclaimed sports feature of live ball-to-ball commentary on cricket matches, fulfilling the long-standing demand of masses.

This pro-people initiative commenced on Sunday with live commentary on Pakistan-India match of T-20 World Cup 2022.

The commentary, aired on all Radio Pakistan’s medium wave channels as well as its digital platforms, was widely welcomed by people.

With a wide network of strong medium wave transmitters, Radio Pakistan has unparalleled outreach of accessing people not only in every length and breadth of the country but also beyond the borders. In addition, the Radio Pakistan vibrant social media, having about one million followers on Twitter and over 2.6 million followers on Facebook, has been disseminating information across the world.

The decision to resume live commentary on cricket matches was taken by Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting, who has been putting in strenuous efforts to restore the past glory of the national broadcaster.

The vision of the leadership of Radio Pakistan includes establishing the state broadcaster on modern lines of digitization. This also envisages taking the state broadcaster to the level of being known as “Broadcasting Technology Park.”

Source: Radio Pakistan

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