Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry demands withdrawal of Notification

Karachi: Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s President Mian Abrar Ahmad had demanded Chairman FBR to immediately rescind/ suspend SRO 191(I)/2012 till budget in the larger interest of the country and deblock the FBR’s GST Filing Portal to allow registered taxpayers to file their returns without CNIC/NTN condition until the matter is finally resolved in the agreed timeframe with the consultation of all the Chambers/stakeholders.

President KCCI referred the meeting of Business Persons Council (BPC) held on 5th April, 2012 at Islamabad under the chair of Finance Minister wherein the representatives of KCCI, FPCCI and other leading chambers demanded to suspend the SRO 191(I)/2012 till the budget which was agreed to an extent of one month.

It was also decided in the BPC meeting to constitute a committee comprising the members of Chambers to devise/ propose some alternate mechanism for the documentation of the economy to replace the said SRO.

He informed that the Chairman FBR, in the meeting with delegations of KCCI and FPCCI held on 9th April, 2012 at Karachi also agreed to maintain status-quo as decided in the Business Persons Meeting and sought the alternate proposal/ methodology to replace SRO 191 from the constituted Committee comprising the members of KCCI, FPCCI and other leading Chambers.

He said that the registered businesspersons were facing immense problem as the FBR’s GST Filing Portal was not accepting the returns without CNIC/NTN and hence demanded to deblock the portal enabling the registered tax-payers to file their returns for the tax period of March 2012 without the CNIC/NTN condition.

He said that it was surprising to read that FBR has not received any instructions. He failed to understand instructions from where, when Finance Minister was chairing the meeting and Chairman FBR was present there, and it was decided and agreed by Finance Minister for a deferment of one month and he also said decision for the future fate of this SRO can be taken by constituted committee.

He firmly said that there is no ambiguity and decision has been taken by the highest authority in Finance, therefore, he demanded to remove this uncertainty immediately as 15th April is the last day for filing returns.

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