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Kepware Improves Operational Efficiency and Responsiveness with New Local Historian

– Local Historian Plug-In for KEPServerEX provides industrial automation markets with new solution for collecting, storing, and accessing historical data at its source

PORTLAND, Maine, Oct. 29, 2014 / PRNewswire – Historical information is used by the Automation Industry to improve process throughput, manage assets, and report to regulatory authorities. Therefore, access to this information is critical. Both Operations and Engineering teams require solutions that can be located close to the data source, are capable of storing data at high speeds, and have the flexibility that teams need to efficiently respond to the requirements of the manufacturing line, drilling rig, test laboratory, pump station, or other industrial environment. Kepware Technologies’ Local Historian Plug-In for KEPServerEX is a flexible, easy to use, and cost-effective solution that provides industry-leading trending, reporting, and analytics tools with access to historical data using OPC Historical Data Access (HDA).

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A Local Historian can supplement the existing Enterprise Historian model used in most large-scale industrial environments like Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Utilities. Although the Enterprise Historian will continue to have a place in large companies as the final perpetual archive of critical information, many organizations also have a need for a smaller, more flexible historian application that is easy to configure and provides open access to third-party analysis and reporting tools at the point of collection.

Kepware’s Local Historian Plug-In leverages the KEPServerEX communications platform to transport information to its high-speed datastore. The Local Historian provides historical information to custom or off-the-shelf OPC HDA-compliant client applications for data visualization, reporting, and analytics. Because the Local Historian’s design decouples data storage and visualization, users can choose the visualization or reporting solution that best meets their unique needs.

Kepware has tested the plug-in with multiple third-party trending and reporting products to validate its OPC HDA implementation and ensure a seamless user experience. One of the reporting products with which Kepware has completed testing includes XLReporter from SyTech.

“Kepware’s Local Historian is a robust historian backed by Kepware’s long experience in the automation field,” said Peter Kaprielian, CTO, SyTech. “It has been fully tested with XLReporter and both products work seamlessly together. We, along with Kepware, are committed to providing high-quality support for our products.”

The Local Historian Plug-In supports high-speed logging to 10 milliseconds and tiered licensing for up to ten thousand tags. Open standards allow locally-stored data to be accessed from multiple clients with no additional cost per client connection. Please visit Kepware online for more information and free demonstration software. For a complete list of the third-party trending and reporting products that have been tested with the plug-in, please contact a Kepware representative at +1-207-775-1660 x208 or

About Kepware Technologies
Kepware Technologies is a private software development company headquartered in Portland, Maine. Kepware provides a portfolio of software solutions to help businesses connect diverse automation devices and software applications. From plant floor to wellsite to windfarm, Kepware serves a wide range of customers in a variety of international vertical markets including Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Building Automation, Power Distribution, and more. Established in 1995 and now distributed in more than 100 countries, Kepware’s software solutions help thousands of businesses improve operations and decision making.

Learn more at, and take an inside look at the company and its culture through the Kepware Corporate Overview video available here.

About SyTech, Inc.
SyTech has been providing report generation and analysis software since 1991. We are a recognized leader in advancing the technology used to automate and distribute reports in Excel, PDF and Web formats.  Our innovative approach delivers products that are quick to implement, reliable and cost effective.  SyTech products are resold by automation software distributors and OEMs with implementations in over 80 countries around the world.  The award-winning software XLReporter is endorsed by small municipal facilities as well as major international manufacturers.

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