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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Department to observe fiscal Discipline

Peshawar, June 13, 2013 (PPI-OT): To observe fiscal discipline and streamline the management in public accounts, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Department has approved the following measures to be strictly observed by 30th June 2013 positively.

The funds placed at the disposal of Departments/Offices are expended uniformly during the current financial year and all validity accrued liabilities are promptly cleared and are not postponed towards the end of current financial year.

All the concerned authorities shall ensure the issuance of sanctions, completion of codal formalities and procurement of stores well in time, so that claims can be presented for pre audit to the respective accounts offices timely.

All bills against the releases for financial year 2012-13 must be presented to the Accountant Genral Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/District/Agency Accounts officers on or before 17-6-2013.

In case of requirement of any additional information by the Accounts Office, it shall return the un-passed bill upto 20-6-2013 and the concerned departments shall respond promptly and resubmit the bill/claim upto 24-6-2013 except in cases of re-appropriation of funds by finance Department. In such cases, bills shall b e accepted upto 25-6-2013.

The Accountant General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/District/Agency Accounts Officers shall issue all cheques/pay orders by 28-6-2013 and send the last cheque number/pay order number to Finance Department on the same day.

Every payment instrument shall be supported by schedule and that shall reach well before the presenting of the cheque for payment.

Any defect in cheque such as overwriting/deletion, payees address, difference of amount in figures and words and lack of signature of authorized person shall be avoided as a result of which the cheques would ge rendered un-passed.

Cheques of lapsable PLAs/SDAs/Assignment Account, Reserve Fund and Works Accounts must be issued well in time and got cleared from the Treasury Officer, Peshawar/DAO concerned by 28-6-2013. All cheques drawn against PLAs/SDAs/Assignment Accounts/Works Accounts shall be encashed upto 30-6-2013.

The authorities issuing cheques/pay orders shall affix the stamp “not payable after 30-6-2013” on all the cheques/pay orders except salary cheques.

All cheques already issued or to be issued, which pertain to the financial year 2012-13, shall be encashed upto 30th June 2013 except salary cheques for the month of June 2013 which is payable on or after 1st day of July 2013. It may be noted that the period of validity of cheques upto 30-6-2013 would not be extended during next financial year 2013-14.

The State Bank of Pakistan/National Banks of Pakistan will make necessary arrangements for receipts and payments on 30-6-2013 till late in the night to honour all the cheques, so issued.

The Banks shall not make any transaction from government’s accounts after 30-6-2013 for ehcques issued on or before 28-6-2013.

The Management of National Bank of Pakistan shall issue instructions to all concerned for clearance of their claims under Assignment Accounts upto 30-6-2013.

All government cheques shall be submitted to the Commercial Banks by their accounts holders not later than 28-6-2013 and Regional Chiefs of all the commercial banks shall issue necessary instructions to their branch officers to present government cheques deposited by their accounts holders to respective State/national Banks for encashment upto 30-6-2013.

For more information, contact:
Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Tel: 091 921 1789

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