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Kuwait calls for ending plight of prisoners in Syria

August 8, 2019 | | Share:

Kuwait has affirmed the necessity of releasing prisoners in Syria, calling on the local parties to cooperate with United Nations Special Envoy Geir Pedersen, to try to end the plight of those languishing behind iron bars.

The call was made by Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the UN Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi, during a Security Council session on the detainees and missing persons in Syria on Wednesday.

Resolving this plight will constitute a measure for building confidence among the parties as part of the efforts by the UN envoy for resuming the political process according to Security Council resolution 2254 and the 2012 Geneva Declaration, Al-Otaibi stated.

Nine years after a flare-up of the crisis in Syria, there have been justified inquiries about the destiny of the detainees and the missing, where according to reports by international investigation panels, there are thousands of detainees and missing people in Syria and their families know nothing about their destiny.

Freeing these detainees has been stipulated in Security Council resolutions 2254, 2401 and 2449, the Kuwaiti diplomat said, noting that a breakthrough in this respect would back up the political process.

Al-Otaibi renewed support for the UN envoy mission, calling for speedy efforts to free the largest number possible of those held in the cells.

"We have celebrated this year the 70th anniversary of adopting the 1949 Four Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols as well as the 20th anniversary of endorsing the first resolution by the Security Council calling for the protection of civilians in armed struggles," he said, demanding literal and moral adherence to these resolutions and conventions, namely those addressing the question of prisoners.

The ambassador also stressed the necessity of calling on the Syrian authorities and all parties to the conflict to instantly cease all inhuman practices inside the prisons and detention centers, which constitute a violation of international humanitarian laws. He called for the immediate release of imprisoned women, children, sick people, elderly and those of special needs, as well as allowing their families to know their whereabouts.

Al-Otaibi urged the Syrian authorities to reveal the number of the deceased prisoners and their burial places, and to hand over their remains to their families, in line with international laws. He reaffirmed that those responsible for heinous crimes and war crimes must be brought to account

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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