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Provision of shelter to low income class top priority: PM

March 3, 2020 | | Share:

Prime Minister Imran Khan says it is among the top priorities of the incumbent government to provide roof over the head to the people from low income and salaried class.

Addressing a ceremony in connection with government's low cost housing program in Islamabad on Tuesday he said provision of houses at less cost by a philanthropic organization is a big step.

The Prime Minister said due to lack of foreclosure laws the rate of constructing houses on mortgage is very low in Pakistan.

He expressed hope that after a decision by the court this process will be accelerated.

Imran Khan said the biggest responsibility of any government is to provide the basic necessities of life to people from lower income backgrounds.

He appreciated the Akhuwat organization for undertaking this huge task.

He said as the income of government increases more funding will be available for housing education and provision of justice to the poor people.

The Prime Minister said the construction activity will spur other allied industries resulting in job creation.

Earlier the Prime Minister distributed cheques of interest free loans among the selected recipients.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that water pollution has been taking a heavy toll on human health as well as on the economy.

Chairing a meeting on measures to control dumping of wastewater into the country's rivers Imran Khan directed adviser on environment to work out a comprehensive policy in consultation with the provincial governments to curb the pollution.

He directed that a roadmap be devised based on timelines within fifteen.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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