Malian Tidjaniya Council chief: King Mohammed is ‘Flag bearer’ of moderate Islam

Malian Tidjaniya Council chief: King Mohammed is ‘Flag bearer’ of moderate Islam

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Rabat (IINA) - President of the National Federal Council of Tariqa Tidjaniya (NFCTT) in Mali Cheikh Tiernou Hadi Thiam praised Moroccan King Mohammed for being a model of moderate Islam and the just middle.

As the Commander of the Faithful, the King plays a very commendable role in sub-Saharan Africa, said Thiam recently during a meeting with a Moroccan delegation led by the Moroccan Caliph of Tariqa Tidjaniya Mohammed El Kerbirin in Bamako.

During his first visit to Mali, the King settled on training 500 imams in Mali to implant the precepts of moderate Islam in Mali, Thiam told the MAP, adding that 300 Malian imams are already trained at the Mohammed VI Institute for the Training of Imams, Morocco World News reported.

Thiam, who is also a member of the Governors Board of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema, highly praised the King's establishment of this institution, adding that the National Council of Tariqa Tidjaniya followers has already established an office of the Foundation in Mali.

The president stated that the establishment of the Foundation's office in Mali is a great prospect for the coalition between Mali and Morocco, offering a chance to enrich noble values and principles of moderate Islam, tolerance and the right balance. He also referred to the Kingdom's readmission to the African Union as a great instance in African history and a chance to build a stronger and richer Africa.

The provisional president of the Tidjaniya women's association, Nana Haydara, also showed high praise of Morocco's moderate Islam, stressing upon the excellent relations between Mali and Morocco, the Kingdom which promotes the values of peace, solidarity will always support Mali and Tarika Tidjaniya.

Haydara explained that thanks to the support of Morocco, her association succeeded in holding a Tidjaniya International Forum for Women in Bamako, an opportunity to stand against terrorism and violence.

Mohammed El-Hanafi Oueld Hah, the coordinator of the section of Islamic Studies at the Nouakchott Faculty of Arts, emphasized on the pioneering role played by the Moroccan King's consistent efforts to unify the ranks of the Islamic world.

The meeting between the NFCTT followers in Mali and the Moroccan delegation is part of a traditional and continuing exchange between the two countries.

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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