Neusoft Medical has reached a strategic cooperation of Sino-Pakistan Healthcare in Pakistan

SHENYANG, China, Dec. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd. (Neusoft Medical) announced the cloud signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Dynamic Engineering and Automation Group (DEA) to cooperate in the area of healthcare in Pakistan. The partnership intends to promote advanced imaging modalities technology combined with cloud imaging solution, AI technology, health management, academic communication, and training and education program, together with the nationwide service network project, through leveraging the strengths of both companies.

“Following the outbreak of the pandemic, Neusoft Medical took a series of emergency assistance actions. We hope to exert Neusoft Medical’s advantages on hardware and software to build Pakistan’s medical AI network and benefit the Pakistani people with Neusoft Medical’s overall solutions for medical imaging,” said Mr. Badar uz Zaman, the Commercial Counsellor of Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Beijing.

Mr. Asim Ayub, Director General China Desk of Board Investment of Pakistan commented, “I believe the formation of this cooperation will create further technological advancements in healthcare sector of Pakistan.”

“Under the guidelines and support from all parties, this project will be implemented by joint team, showing again another successful example of both sides working together to tickle the challenge facing in our society. Both sides will work hard to deliver what we have committed to provide better healthcare service to Pakistan people,” said Mr. Jiang Genmiao, President and COO of Neusoft Medical, at the signing ceremony.

Mr. Owais Mir, CEO of DEA commented, “DEA, as the strategic partner of Neusoft Medical, shall expedite development of this project in Pakistan, actively promote the project progress, and build a high-tech communication platform between Neusoft Medical and Pakistan.”

“Neusoft Medical has more than 20 years of experience in the area of medical imaging and healthcare management. Our partner DEA has professional business foundation and forward-looking business vision in Pakistan,” said Mr. Dan Zhang, Vice president and General Manager of International Business Division of Neusoft Medical, “these two excellent companies will form complementary advantages and provide practical solutions to the medical and healthcare challenges of Pakistan.”

This cooperation marks another millstone of Sino-Pakistan cooperation in the medical and healthcare sector, and initiates a long-term strategic cooperation between two companies. In the future, the two parties will delve deeper into more diversified and in-depth cooperation according this MOU. Both firms will jointly enhance the quality of medical imaging diagnosis and treatment in Pakistan and the quality of medical personnel training.