Pakistan Hajj Mission in KSA starts training of Moavineen e Hujjaj

Pakistan Hajj Mission has started phased training of Moavineen e Hujjaj to improve their ability to guide pilgrims during Hajj.

The primary objective of this training is to equip Moavineen with essential expertise and knowledge needed to guide intending pilgrims.

During today’s session, Moavineen received instructions supported by maps to ensure that Pakistani pilgrims are properly guided to their designated camps.

On the occasion, Director Moavineen e Hujjaj Sajjad Haider Yildrim said a comprehensive team of over three thousand individuals will be deployed at different locations during the hajj period for this purpose. He said this team comprises Arabic and Urdu speaking locals, Pakistani Moavineen and medical personnel.

The Director said their primary role is to provide assistance and support to the pilgrims.

He further said the majority of pilgrims, above 95 percent, have expressed satisfaction with the hajj services, however, a few individuals raised minor concerns regarding the accommodation arrangements couples due to consolidation of luggage into a single suitcase.

Director General Research and Reference Mushahid Hussain Khalid said Moavineen are being trained to assist pilgrims in case they forget their camps. He stressed on respecting Saudi laws.

Head of the Hajj Medical Mission Shahmad Ali reiterated government’s resolve to provide exceptional medical services to pilgrims. He emphasized that the medical mission’s doctors have been steadfastly offering invaluable guidance to guarantee the health and safety of pilgrims throughout their Hajj pilgrimage.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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