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Rashid Khan Reveals the Meaning of His ‘Snake Style’ Celebration

February 4, 2022 | | Share:

Rashid Khan has revealed the meaning of his special ‘snake style’ celebration of wickets. In the recent match of Lahore Qalandars, the Afghan leg-spinner applauded Haris Rauf after his wicket, with a snake-like flow of hands. The unique style immediately went viral on social media.

Explaining his action, Rashid Khan told PSL presenter, Erin Holland, “We say in Pushto ‘Laka Da Maar‘ [he bowls like a snake].”

Giving context to the phrase, Rashid Khan told that it is used commonly in the Afghanistan team for praising the bowlers. Rashid Khan did the celebration after he took a brilliant catch off Haris Rauf’s ball and said, “It was to Haris that you bowl like snake.” Reacting to which Erin Holland said, “He came like a snake out of middle of nowhere”. Haris Rauf took crucial wickets tilting the contest towards his team.

After the unusual style of celebrating the wicket caught attention, Lahore Qalandars have adopted the ‘snake style’ as their signature celebration for PSL 7.

Rashid Khan seems to align well with the new teammates as the Qalandars have been seen celebrating each other’s achievements and backing one another both on and off the field.

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