Remarks Before Meeting with Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh

DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER MINH: (Via interpreter) Excellency Secretary of State John Kerry, distinguished members of the U.S. delegation, I am delighted to have this discussion with you this morning on the occasion of the visit to Vietnam of President Obama. We have had several exchanges and meetings in these last years up to now, and we will continue to do so with a view to further strengthening and deepening the comprehensive partnership between Vietnam and the United States.

The official visit to Vietnam by President Obama this time has brought about many positive outcomes for the bilateral ties between the two countries, and especially the meetings between President Obama and the high-level leaders of Vietnam have had very significant meaning for the comprehensive partnership between Vietnam and the U.S.

SECRETARY KERRY: Mr. Minister, thank you very much. Thank you for what is obviously a very important visit by the President. And the President, I know, is anxious to be able to build on the progress that we’ve made over the course of the last years. Yesterday’s meetings were very important meetings. They were good exchanges. I think the discussions on the bilateral piece, particularly with some of the progress that we’re making in terms of our cooperation on a health program, an education program, a Peace Corps program, business agreements that were signed, are all signs of progress forward.

It’s important, obviously, that we also in the next day and a half – we’ve got a day and a half still – I know the President is looking forward to his speech and to speak to the people, and I think there will be about a thousand people there, which is very constructive and helpful. And I know he’s going to talk about the strength of what we are doing to try to really normalize the move to beyond the formalities of diplomacy into the fullness of a relationship.

So I thank you for your welcome and your work. You’ve worked hard in this, I know, and we’re very appreciative for all of your efforts. Thank you.

Source: U.S. State Department.

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