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Soneri Bank Limited issue 200,272,104 right shares

Karachi: In compliance with para 7of your letter # C-768-1978 dated: 29 March, 2011, we are pleased to inform you that a sum of Rs.886, 407,954 /- against 177,281,591 right Shares has been received our of total issue of Rs.1,001,360,520/- i.e. 200,272,104 right issue at a discount of Rs.5/- per share upto the last date of payment i.e. 28 June 2011.

The Board of Directors of Soneri Bank Limited (SNBL) is in process of arranging the unsubscribed portion of right issue amounting to Rs. 114,952,566/- i.e.11.5% of the total right shares offered. We will furnish you the auditor’s certificate confirming receipt of full amount of right issue in due course of time.

For more information, contact:
Abbas Hatim
SVP and Chief Financial Officer
Soneri Bank Limited
5th Floor, Al Rhim Tower,
I.I. Chundrigar Road, P.O.Box No. 5858,
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: +9221 32446994
Fax: +9221 32446001

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