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Pakistan claims 25 Taliban fighters killed in Mohmand airstrikes

Rawalpindi: A joint operation of Pakistan Army/FC KPK/PAF to evict terrorists stronghold of “Walidad” in Mohmand Agency was launched on 18 June 2011. Ground operation was preceded with precise strikes by PAF Air Craft’s on terrorists bunkers and positions on “Walidad Top”. After an intense fight, troops were able to secure “Walidad Top” and surrounding areas of the mountain and managed to kill 25 terrorists, while remaining fled across the border. During the operation own 4 soldiers embraced shahadat and [...]

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Spokesperson of the Inter Services Public Relations Clarification

Rawalpindi: A spokesperson of the ISPR has strongly refuted reports in the media quoting unnamed US sources that elements in Pakistan security forces tipped off terrorists helping them to escape the purported IED factories in Waziristan. This assertion is totally false and malicious and the facts on ground are contrary to it. Explaining further the spokesperson said that intelligence information was received regarding four compounds suspected of being used as IED making facilities. Operations were launched on all. Two were [...]

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Inter Services Public Relations backs commission in Murder of Local Journalist case

Rawalpindi: A spokesperson of ISPR voiced concern on unfounded and baseless insinuation’s being voiced in a section of print and electronic media against ISI in regard to murder of Journalist Saleem Shahzad. Such negative aspersions and accusations were also voiced against ISI in some previous cases but investigations proved those wrong. The spokesperson strongly supported formation of a Commission to investigate the murder of Journalist Saleem Shahzad. The case must be investigated thoroughly and facts made known to the people, [...]

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