The 6th International Oyster Culture Festival Lights Up Rushan Yintan Beach in Weihai RUSHAN, China, : AsiaNet-Pakistan

The 6th International Oyster Culture Festival Lights Up Rushan Yintan Beach in Weihai RUSHAN, China,

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At the opening ceremony, this King Oyster weighing 1.844 kg was auctioned for 10,000 yuan, the successful bidder being a local person

Oct. 11, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– During this year’s National Day Golden Week holiday, the 6th International  Oyster Culture Festival in Weihai once again lit up Rushan Yintan beach. A number of fantastic activities, including the opening ceremony, a super oyster feast, a fireworks show and a beer festival, drew a huge crowd to Yintan’s beach, invigorating the new city of Yintan, according to the People’s Government of Rushan.

A variety of artistic performances at the opening ceremony

Caption: Beach motorcycle riding

On the evening of October 2, the opening ceremony was held in the plaza of the Rushan Yintan Tourist Resort. During the event, several activities were held under the Wind from the Sea tourist banner, creating new hot spots for holidaying in Yintan, such as the Globe of Death, the Super Oyster Feast, and Beach Motorcycling. For each of three consecutive days, 500 kilograms of steaming oysters were on offer, ensuring that tourists would remember the delicacy of Rushan oysters, and also encouraging many more tourists to visit Yintan.

This year, Rushan saw a 23.5 percent year-on-year increase in the number of tourists visiting during the National Day Golden Week. Specifically, Rushan Yintan and surrounding tourist attractions hosted up to almost 100,000 tourists a day.

Yintan’s Wind from the Sea Program is very popular with tourists

Tourists tasting delicious oysters

In recent years, Rushan Yintan has made great use of its environmental resources advantages, for example the blue sea and clear skies that are characteristic of the region. The city has successfully hosted some major sporting events such as the National Women’s Half Marathon and the National Cycling Championships, and has organized a range of themed cultural events such as The Most Beautiful Yintan People Talent Show and the Love in the Four Seas  events. In this way, Yintan has accumulated a core of local internet celebrities and spokespeople, thereby enabling the people of Yintan to use their own means to promote Yintan’s natural scenery and cultural customs, and to showcase the dynamic coastal city image of Charming Yintan.

Source: The People’s Government of Rushan

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Tourists enjoy the Super Oyster Feast







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