Together with the world, talk to the future: Nansha of Guangzhou explores new horizons of sci-tech innovation

NANSHA, China, Nov. 19, 2020 / Xinhua-AsiaNet/– “We overcome difficulties and meet as scheduled, bringing global scientific and technological elites to Nansha once again,” said Dong Ke, Mayor of Nansha District of Guangzhou, at the 2020 East Tech West held in Nansha on November 17.

In the “post-epidemic era”, how to seize the opportunities of the times, face difficulties and promote global economic recovery through technological innovation? The East Tech West gave an answer to the question.

According to the Publicity Department of Nansha District Committee, this year’s East Tech West attracted influential guests including Ginni Rometty, Executive Chairman of IBM, Chen Xiaodong, VP, Alibaba and CEO, InTime, and Dr Chiang Chun Yuan, Founder and Chairman, Technology Committee, FINDA, etc. They shared forward-looking and leading views around topics such as “Global Investment Outlook”, “China’s Post Pandemic Recovery Strategy”, “Sustainable Development of the Digital Economy”, “the Post Pandemic Wellness Industry”, etc.

According to Dr. Chiang Chun Yuan, it is a common issue for the international community to figure out how to apply science and technology to make people’s life more convenient and serve for the economic development. In the context, the combination of digital technology with traditional Chinese medicine is worth expecting.

Digital transformation not only has a long-term impact on the life and health industry, but also influences the thinking model of various industries and fields. Mu Chen, CEO and Co-founder, BigONE Lab, said that BigONE Lab applies a new generation of data, consulting, and research systems, together with digitalized research products to analyze consumption, entertainment, education, and local services, etc. With massive objective data, it is shown that China’s economy has strong resilience and great development potential in the face of the epidemic.

“China’s flexibility of economic development lets many problems to be solved here,” said CG Lai, CEO, BNP Paribas China.

Based on that, the country has quickly adjusted policies under the epidemic, optimized the business environment and promoted economic recovery, becoming a “safe haven” for cross-border investment of many companies.

China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, as a pioneer in China’s new round of reform and opening up, is becoming “one of the first choices” for foreign capital to enter into the Chinese market.

Dong Ke said at the East Tech West: “Nansha has been approved as a national comprehensive bonded zone and one of the demonstration zones for creative promotion of import trade, driving us to build a new highland for opening up and providing opportunities for people at home and abroad to invest and start businesses here.”

The high-tech industry is developing strongly in Nansha, with the number of related enterprises increasing continuously. According to Dong Ke, so far, Nansha has gathered more than 230 artificial intelligence companies, over 200 life and health companies, and 187 investment projects from Fortune Global 500 companies.

Now mankind is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. Scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation strongly support global economic recovery. Dong Ke said more people are welcomed to share ideas and wisdom at East Tech West, jointly discuss new models of international scientific and technological innovation cooperation, and contribute new thinking global economic development.

Source: The Publicity Department of Nansha District Committee