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UK citizens, lawmakers raise voice in support of oppressed Kashmiris

Islamabad, February 02, 2023 (PPI-OT):British citizens including some lawmakers on the eve of Kashmir Solidarity Day observed on February 5, every year, raised their voices about the sufferings of the people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, saying that the Kashmiris are being killed on a daily basis. The British Members of Parliament and citizens in their video messages maintained that the Kashmiri people are being robbed of their human rights by India, the so-called largest democracy of the world, which, they said is actually a terrorist country. They urged the world to pressurize India to let the Kashmiris decide their future by themselves. They asked New Delhi to stop changing the demography of Kashmir and end its digital apartheid of Kashmir.

In his message, British lawmaker Andrew Gwynne, Chairman Labour Friends of Kashmir, sending his best wishes to the Kashmiri community in the UK and across the world especially in IIOJK on Solidarity Day said on this day we remember the sufferings and problems of the people of IIOJK who have been facing a brutal lockdown since August 2019. He added that people across the world need to raise the awareness about the situation in Kashmir, campaign against human rights violations in Kashmir and to ensure that the voice of the Kashmiris is heard so that they will have ultimately that basic right of self-determination.

Another MP Tony Lloyd said we remember the sufferings of the people of IIOJK and those who were killed and those who are in prisons. He maintained that basic human rights of the Kashmiris have been taken away by the Indian authorities, adding it is time for India to respect those basic human rights of the people of IIOJK. Stating that it has been many years since the United Nations said that the solution to the issue of Kashmir was the right to self-determination for the Kashmiri people, he maintained that now is the time for the UN and the world community to bring the sufferings of the people of Kashmir to an end.

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