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Xinhua Silk Road: CCMC wins bid for 1st overseas highway construction project

BEIJING, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — China Coal Mine Construction Group Corporation Ltd. (CCMC) recently won the bid for the South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation Mugling-Pokhara Highway Improvement Project (SMPHIP), with the contract value reaching about 450 million yuan.

Photo shows the Gezidun interchange overpass of the Hefei-Anqing expressway constructed by CCMC.

It is the first time for the group to win the overseas highway construction project. The total length of the highway is 38.883 kilometers, with a design speed of 60 kilometers per hour and a maximum slope of 7 percent. Its surface is made from asphalt concrete.

The existing highway, aided by China in 1967, is a 7-meter-wide double-lane asphalt road. It passes through steep mountains, river valleys and plains, spanning 28 rivers. This project is expected to widen the highway to four lanes, with an aim to promote the development of local transportation and tourism.

In recent years, thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative, CCMC has continuously expanded its overseas market and explored the energy facility construction in the Belt and Road countries. It has successively won bids for a batch of projects in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, Uzbekistan, Turkey and other countries.

During the construction of the Turkish mine project, CCMC was invited as the only Chinese company to participate in the Turkish International Mining Technology Conference, bringing China’s advanced mine construction technology to the world.

The winning of the bid marks another important achievement of the group in its participation of the Belt and Road Initiative. CCMC will strive to seize the opportunity, promote the implementation of overseas projects, and make contribution to the energy facility and other infrastructure construction of the Belt and Road countries.

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