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Altern Energy Limited Declares Interim Dividend of Rs. 4.70 per Share, Share Transfer Books to Close

Karachi, Altern Energy Limited has announced a favorable financial development as its Board of Directors convened in a meeting on August 15, 2023. The meeting resulted in the recommendation of an interim dividend for the company's ordinary shareholders.

The Board has proposed an interim dividend of Rs. 4.70 per share, which translates to an impressive dividend yield of 47%. This strategic decision by the company reflects its commitment to rewarding shareholders and sharing its financial success. Such dividend distributions serve to attract and retain investors, especially those seeking regular income from their investments.

The interim dividend, while subject to the approval of the company's shareholders, demonstrates Altern Energy Limited's confidence in its financial performance and its capacity to generate value for its stakeholders. The dividend announcement is likely to resonate positively among investors, as it showcases the company's ability to maintain a steady cash flow and its dedication to distributing returns to its shareholders.

In conjunction with the dividend announcement, Altern Energy Limited also disclosed the closure of its Share Transfer Books. The books will be closed from August 22, 2023, to August 24, 2023, inclusive of both days. This temporary closure is a standard practice in the market, facilitating the accurate recording of shareholders eligible for dividends and other corporate actions.

The Share Transfer Books' closure aligns with corporate governance principles and ensures the smooth processing of dividend payments to eligible shareholders. This process allows the company to ascertain the rightful recipients of the declared dividend and prevents any discrepancies or uncertainties in the distribution process.

Altern Energy Limited's commitment to transparent and timely communication with its shareholders reinforces its standing as a responsible market participant. The dividend declaration and the subsequent Share Transfer Books' closure are indicative of the company's diligence in adhering to industry best practices and maintaining investor confidence.

As investors await the official approval of the proposed dividend by shareholders and the subsequent payout, the announcement serves as a positive sign of Altern Energy Limited's financial strength and its ability to provide consistent returns to its valued investors.

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