Hum Network Ltd Announces Dividend and Bonus Shares Amidst Share Fluctuations

Karachi, Hum Network Ltd has declared a 35% cash dividend alongside a 20% bonus share distribution for its shareholders. The media company, listed in 2005, saw its shares fluctuate between a high of 7.29 RS and a low of 6 RS, culminating in a turnover of over 107 million shares. With a paid-up capital of 1,134.00 million RS, the company posted an earnings per share of 1.90 RS for the period ending June 2023.

Hoechst Pakistan Ltd Announces Substantial Dividend Despite Market Fluctuations

Karachi, Hoechst Pakistan Ltd has announced a significant dividend of 300% to its shareholders, according to recent filings with the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The pharmaceutical company’s shares experienced a range between 1422 RS and 1200 RS, with a modest turnover of 14,380 shares. Listed since 1977, the company reported an earnings per share (EPS) of 17.29 RS for the period of January-February 2024.

United Bank Limited Introduces Perpetual Tier-I TFC with Competitive KIBOR Plus Rate

Karachi, United Bank Limited has issued a perpetual Tier-I Term Finance Certificate, UBLTFC5, featuring a profit rate based on 3M KIBOR +1.55%. With an issue size of Rs. 10,000,000,000, the bank has maintained the full amount outstanding to support its tier-I capital. Each unit of this TFC is valued at Rs. 5,000, indicating UBL’s initiative to attract long-term funding. The upcoming coupon date is scheduled for 29-Apr-2024.

Khairpur Sugar Mills Reports No Distribution with Low EPS

Karachi, Khairpur Sugar Mills Ltd. announced no distribution for the fiscal year ending September 2022, reflecting challenges in the sugar industry. The company, with a paid-up capital of Rs. 160.18 million, reported a low EPS of Rs. 1.08 for January to February 2024. The shares traded at a high of Rs. 534 and a low of Rs. 398.25, with a turnover of 5,900. Since its listing in 1993, Khairpur Sugar Mills has been working to improve its financial standing.

NBP Islamic Mahana Amdani Fund: A Choice for Monthly Income

Karachi, The NBP Islamic Mahana Amdani Fund, offering an option for investors to earn monthly income compliant with Islamic laws, has set its offer and redemption prices at 11.66 and 11.53, respectively. Launched in 2019, the fund seeks to provide a regular income stream to its investors through investments in Shariah-compliant instruments.

Designed for individuals looking for monthly income, the fund invests in a mix of Islamic bonds and sukuk, providing a balanced approach to income generation and capital preservation. The NBP Islamic Mahana Amdani Fund stands as a testament to NBP's commitment to offering diverse Islamic financial products.

Asia Insurance Co. Ltd. Faces Challenges with Negative EPS

Karachi, Asia Insurance Co. Ltd. reported a nil distribution for the fiscal year ending December 2022. The company, which has a paid-up capital of Rs. 730.08 million, recorded a negative EPS of Rs. (1.01) for January to February 2024. With no high or low rate reported for the period, the company's performance has been under scrutiny. Listed in 1980, Asia Insurance faces significant challenges in its operational outcomes.

UBL Special Savings Fund Announces Pricing for Various Plans

Karachi, UBL Special Savings Fund, along with its multiple savings plans, has updated its offer and redemption prices. Introduced in 2019, the fund provides a range of savings options, from Plans I through VI, with prices varying across the board to cater to the diverse needs of savers looking for competitive returns.