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EU Recognition of Palestinian State Celebrated by Pakistani Minister

Islamabad, Federal Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has praised European countries for recognizing Palestine as an independent state, describing it as a significant step forward. He expressed strong support for Palestinian independence and criticized Israeli actions in the region during his remarks on Monday.

According to Press Information Department, the Central President of Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party and Federal Minister of Privatization, Board of Investment, and Communications, emphasized the global acknowledgment of what he referred to as “human atrocities” by Israel in Palestine. He highlighted that 146 countries, including Spain, Norway, and Ireland, now recognize Palestine as an independent state, marking a crucial development in international relations.

Khan argued that supporting Palestinian statehood aligns with international norms and is not limited to religious affiliations, but is a matter of global conscience. He expressed hope for the near future establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state, which he said would be a triumph for the Muslim world.

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