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IIMC Faces Backlash for Denying Iftar Permissions, Citing Discrimination

New Delhi, The Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) in New Delhi is under scrutiny after several students accused the institution’s administration of discrimination and mental harassment. The controversy centers on the denial of permission for an Iftar gathering on campus, contrasting with the approval of events for Hindu festivals, raising concerns over religious inclusivity.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the issue came to light when a diverse group of students, comprising both Muslims and non-Muslims, approached the Dean of Students’ Welfare on March 15 with a request to organize an Iftar party. The administration’s refusal to grant permission, without providing any justification, has sparked a debate on the equal treatment of religious practices within the academic setting.

The students’ persistent efforts to seek approval were met with directives to approach higher authorities, including the Additional Director General and the Director General. However, these attempts were thwarted by a lack of responsiveness, exacerbating feelings of exclusion and discrimination among the students.

The administration’s apparent openness to Hindu religious celebrations, such as Diwali, Saraswati Puja, and Holi, compared to its stance on a Muslim observance, has led to accusations of bias. One anonymous student voiced their disappointment over the discriminatory treatment, questioning the denial of the Iftar party while other religious events are endorsed.

Riya Sharma, another student involved in the dispute, criticized the marginalization of Muslim students and called for an end to religious bias, emphasizing the importance of equality and respect for all traditions within the institution.

The incident at IIMC has ignited a broader conversation about religious freedom and inclusivity in educational institutions, spotlighting the need for policies that ensure equal respect and accommodation for diverse cultural and religious practices.

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