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Janana De Malucho Textile Mills Limited Announces Election of Directors at Extra Ordinary General Meeting

Karachi, Janana De Malucho Textile Mills Limited, a leading textile company, has informed its members about the upcoming election of directors at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EOGM) scheduled for May 20, 2023, at the company’s headquarters in Kohat.

The following individuals have filed their candidacy with the company and offered themselves for election as directors:

Lt. Gen. (Retd) Ali Kuli Khan Khattak

Mr. Ahmad Kuli Khan Khattak

Mr. Gohar Ayub Khan

Mrs. Shahnaz Sajjad Ahmad

Dr. Shahin Kuli Khan Khattak

Col. (Retd) Syed Yunus Ali Raza

Major Gen (Retd.) Saeed Ahmed Wahla

The management of Janana De Malucho Textile Mills Limited encourages all eligible shareholders to attend the EOGM on May 20, 2023. The election of directors is a crucial event that shapes the company’s future, and the participation of shareholders is vital in determining its leadership.

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