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Trade deficit decreases by 31% in 8 month of FY

The country's trade deficit recorded a significant decrease of thirty one percent in the first eight month of current fiscal year. According to the statistics released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, eleven point six percent decrease in trade deficit was witnessed in the month of February. There has been an increase of nine percent in exports and twelve point four percent decrease in imports during the first eight months of current fiscal year. The total volume of exports was recorded at 20.35 billion dollars during this period as against 18.67 billion dollars exports of the same period of last financial year. A significant increase of seventeen point five percent was seen in exports last month. The volume of exports of the manufacturing and engineering sector was 3.77 billion dollars, agriculture and food 5.40 billion dollars, and that of textile and apparel sector 11.16 billion dollars. Exports of textile and apparel remained 1.410 billion dollars last month. The volume of imports was recorded at 35.1 4 billion dollars in the first eight months of current fiscal year. In the same period of last financial year, 40.118 billion dollars of foreign exchange was spent on imports. Source: Radio Pakistan

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