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Yasir Khan for tapping huge potential of Pakistan in health tourism

CEO of Dr Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital and Islamabad Medical & Dental College Yasir Khan Niazi says Pakistan has the resources to cater to both medical and wellness tourism, and it is high time to tap into this multi-billion-dollar industry.

He stated this while addressing MedHealth Expo and Summit 2023 hosted by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Yasir Niazi underscored the pivotal role health tourism could play in boosting Pakistan’s economy.

He highlighted the nation’s healthcare strengths, particularly the pool of skilled doctors and paramedics, who hold the potential to make Pakistan a medical destination of global repute.

Yasir Niazi compared the global health tourism landscape with Pakistan’s evolving healthcare system.

He also shed light on the potential economic windfall for Pakistan, urging both government and private sector hospitals to collaborate in creating an inviting atmosphere for medical tourists.

President of RCCI Saqib Rafiq, Senior Vice President Hamza Sarosh and Vice President Faisal Shahzad expressed their gratitude to Yasir Niazi for his insightful participation in the panel discussion.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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