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Punjab Provincial Development Working Party Approved Eleven Development Schemes

The Punjab Provincial Development Working Party approved eleven development schemes of various Development Sectors with an estimated cost of Rs. 3824.843 million.

These schemes were approved in the 40th meeting of Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) of current fiscal year 2015-16 presided over by the Punjab Chairman P&D Board Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan. Members of the Planning & Development Board, Provincial Secretaries concerned and other senior representatives of the relevant Provincial Departments also attended the meeting.

According to Spokesman for P&DD, the approved development schemes included: Construction of Kasur Sports Complex, Khem Karan Road, Kasur (Revised) at the cost of Rs. 468.973 million, Area Development Scheme No.II, Sheikhupura at the cost of Rs. 457.162 million, Widening / Improvement of metalled road from Lahore Sheikhupura Road km No.29 Adda Joinwala More to Sheikhupura Muridke Road i/c Link to Punjab Apparel Park, District Sheikhupura length=13.65 km. (Revised) at the cost of Rs. 656.911 million, Widening / Improvement of road from 355/GB to 278/GB via 356/GB, 357/GB, 280/GB, 283/GB, Mandi Roadala 283/GB Sammundar 279/GB, Faisalabad, length=21.75 km (KPRRP Phase-III) at the cost of Rs. 294.636 million, Widening / Improvement of road from Chak No. 47/RB to 153/RB Via 137/RB, 139/RB, 139/RB, 143/RB, 146/RB, Faisalabad, length=25.10 Km (KPRRP Phase-III) at the cost of Rs. 265.507 million, Widening / Improvement / Construction of Sangla Hill Pindorian Road to Ghullay Bajwa Chowk via Dera Jaat, Hanjli, Ramoana, Ladhar and 116 RB (length 16.60 km), Nankana Sahib at the cost of Rs. 215.013 million, Widening / Improvement / Construction of Shahkot-Safdarabad Road to Nizampura, Roriana to Sangla Hill Safdarabad Road Marh Balochan (length 20.60 km), Nankana Sahib at the cost of Rs. 234.832 million, Rehabilitation / Repair of Metalled Road from Kot Sultan to MM Road length=35.50 km, District Layyah. (KPRRP, Phase-III) at the cost of Rs. 305.630 million, Rehabilitation, Widening / Improvement of road from Khokar Kothi Lakhan Jhedu to Lakhan Link with Bama Bala Kohla Road via Chuchak Mupalkay and Bama Zareen length=24.40 kms, Tehsil Renala Khurd District Okara. (KPRRP, Phase-III) at the cost of Rs. 221.497 million, Rehabilitation / Widening (10' to 12ft) of road from Choti Zareen to Choti Bala length=24 km, D.G. Khan at the cost of Rs. 355.475 million and Rehabilitation of Metalled Road from Adda Lal Sohanra to Kudwala (36.75 km), Bahawalpur at the cost of Rs. 349.207 million.

Source: Government of the Punjab

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JS Global Limited – Research Beep

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AKD Securities Limited Research – Federal Budget 2016-17

Karachi, June 06, 2016 (PPI-OT): Budget FY17 – Lacks ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ The fourth PML(N) budget retains its resolve of macroeconomic stability and growth tilt by stimulating laggard sectors like Agriculture (potentially lower fertilizer and pesticides prices) and export related sectors like Textile (zero rated) while also promoting a documented tax base. Picking up ...

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