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Chief Minister Punjab Highlights Urban Infrastructure Issues and Solutions

Lahore, In a recent high-level meeting chaired by Punjab’s Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, pressing urban infrastructure problems such as standing water and poor street conditions were addressed. The meeting focused on the need for comprehensive development in Lahore’s suburban areas including street lighting, parks, and horticulture enhancements.

According to Directorate General Public Relation – Govt of Punjab, the Chief Minister expressed concern over the intolerable conditions caused by inadequate drainage and broken streets, emphasizing that no area of Lahore should be left underdeveloped. The meeting reviewed various aspects of local governance, including drainage systems, street repair, and the coordination among various municipal entities like Vasa and MCL.

Chief Minister Sharif urged all related institutions to work collaboratively and ensure no neighborhood is neglected. The meeting also stressed the importance of paving every street and establishing a sustainable water drainage system to alleviate the suffering of residents due to poor infrastructure. High-level officials including the Chief Secretary, Chairman P and D, and other key figures were present to discuss strategies and immediate actions.

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