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IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar Acts on Police Employee Requests at Central Police Office

Lahore, In a significant engagement with the police workforce, Inspector General of Punjab Police, Dr. Usman Anwar, met with police employees and their families at the Central Police Office, where he addressed their concerns and expedited orders for immediate relief based on their submissions.

According to Punjab Police, Dr. Anwar reviewed and acted upon several requests from employees across different districts, demonstrating a strong commitment to employee welfare and procedural justice within the force. For instance, the reinstatement request of driver constable Muhammad Nawaz from Chakwal and the employment of his son as a constable were forwarded to the DIG of Establishment for prompt action. Similarly, relief measures were ordered for Warden Adeel of Lahore Traffic Police concerning his NOC application, which was directed to the DIG of Welfare.

Further actions included directives to address the recruitment of a retired sub-inspector’s son in Faisalabad and promotion requests for sub-inspectors in Rawalpindi and Gujrat, highlighting a broad spectrum of personnel issues being promptly addressed. Dr. Anwar emphasized that the welfare of the police force remains a top priority and assured that all decisions would be made on merit to ensure fairness and efficiency within the department.

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