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Pakistan Seeks to Strengthen Economic Ties with UAE, Discusses Re-engagement with Middle Eastern Banks

Washington DC, In a meeting aimed at bolstering economic cooperation, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb, engaged with UAE’s Minister of State for Financial Affairs, H.E. Mohamed bin Hadi Al Hussaini. The discussions focused on deepening the long-standing relationship between the two nations and addressing Pakistan’s economic challenges with support from the UAE.

According to Press Information Department, during the meeting, Minister Aurangzeb expressed gratitude for the UAE’s ongoing support and discussed key economic initiatives including taxation, energy, and the privatization of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Additionally, Aurangzeb highlighted Pakistan’s intention to re-engage with Middle Eastern banks as part of its broader strategy to enhance economic stability and growth.

The talks underscore Pakistan’s efforts to leverage international partnerships to tackle its economic issues, with a particular focus on strengthening financial links with the Middle East. This move is seen as crucial for Pakistan in securing more robust economic support and investment from the region.

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