Ways to improve Liaison between Investigating Agency of Police and Prosecution

Peshawar, June 13, 2013 (PPI-OT): A meeting between Additional Inspector General Police (Investigation) and Director General Prosecution, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was held in which Asif Zafar Cheema, Deputy Inspector General (Investigation), Noshad Ali Khan, SP (Research), Zafar Abbas Mirza, Deputy Director (Monitoring Cell), Irshadullah Afridi, Deputy Director (Legal) and Ghulam Hussain, DSP (Legal) participated.

The Director General thoroughly highlighted the steps taken so far, for the improvement in various categories as a result of liaison established in between the investigating agency of police and prosecution. He stated that the scrutiny of cases had been converted into early stage with the idea that evidence would be collected well in time and fit cases be forwarded to court in the light of section 173-Cr.PC without any delay.

He sensitized the Additional IG Investigation that Prosecution Act 2005 was now practically implemented in letter and spirit. Fit cases are recommended to various courts for the purpose of trial and in high profile cases team of the prosecutors is constituted to facilitate the investigating agency and as result whereof quality evidence is collected in time which has great impact on the enhancement of conviction ratio, he added. He said, the present conviction ratio was highlighted by him which was: Magisterial Courts (above 76%), Sessions Courts (about 28% and Anti-Terrorism Court (above 10%).

He said about 6000 weak cases had been recommended to various courts for discharge of accused. In last five months about 422 appeals have been preferred to superior courts, he added.

The Additional I.G showed his full satisfaction on improved performance of prosecutors of the province and assured his full cooperation and commitment for further improvement of liaison between police and prosecution. The meeting took the following decisions : The SP Investigation (Head of Investigation) and the District Prosecution Officers would keep throughout the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Prosecution and the Investigation Wing of Police should hold regular meetings on monthly basis to discuss the mutual issues in order to ensure quality Investigation/Prosecution.

The Districts Prosecution Officers would bound to provide all possible assistance to the Investigation Wing as and when required.

It was also decided that the Head of the Investigation would re-councile with the prosecution all existing Information/data on the specific performa designed by the prosecution and would bring the same in conformity with the information/data of the prosecution which was to be subsequently discussed in the meeting of Heads of Investigation of the Districts with Additional IG Investigation on 17 June 2013.

The meeting further decided that the Investigation Wing in the District would adopt the mechanism of performa in practice being circulated by Directorate of Prosecution and all the Information/data regarding criminal cases would be in accordance with the format of the prosecution and be signed by the District Public Prosecutor and Head of Investigation Wing in the Districts. In this respect both the wings would hold meetings in respective districts on June 14, 2013.

It was decided that the SSP Investigation, SP Research and DSP Legal CPO would visit Monitoring Cell of the Prosecution Directorate in the Home Department and would hold meetings with the Director General Prosecution/Deputy Director Monitoring Cell for discussion regarding future mechanism of collecting Information/Data.

The SP Investigation of District Swat would make his personal efforts for procuring attendance of prosecution witnesses in criminal cases against Moulana Sufi Muhamamd accused, the meeting decided. It was urged that the tendering of opinion was mandate of the District Public Prosecutor in line with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Prosecution Act, 2005, that any opinion in criminal cases by DSP Legal/Inspector Legal should not be given/followed in the future.

Both the Additional Inspector General Police ((Investigation) and Director General Prosecution agreed that by working with cooperation and coordination the result would be in getting culprits convicted. Moreover, full implementation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Prosecution Act, 2005 would facilitate the innocent individuals at early stage as cases registered on malafide together with cases being weak from evidentiary point of view would not be recommended for the purpose of trial.

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