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Advisor to chief minister visits karachi fish harbor authority, calls for emergency measures and reorganization

Karachi, Syed Najmi Alam, the Advisor to the Chief Minister of Sindh on Livestock, Fisheries, and Human Settlement, paid an emergency visit to the Karachi Fish Harbor Authority. During his visit, he inspected the cleanliness and security measures implemented by the department and reviewed the progress of reorganization efforts within the Harbor Authority.

According to Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Najmi Alam inspected various zones of the Harbor Authority and received a briefing from the administration. He also checked the cleanliness of fish packaging in the fish market and evaluated the speed of implementing emergency directives.

During the briefing, Syed Najmi Alam stated that he has requested the federal government to open the Korangi Fish Harbor to alleviate the pressure from fishing boats on the Karachi Fish Harbor. He also mentioned that he has requested support from the Chief Minister of Sindh and is preparing to meet the Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping, Qaiser Sheikh, within two days to discuss further steps.

The advisor mentioned that work has begun on an emergency basis to register all fishermen in Sindh and to establish a notification system for fishermen crossing the border during hunting season. He highlighted plans to include fishermen in the Sindh government’s labor card program and provide various social benefits through the Benazir Income Support Program.

Syed Najmi Alam noted that arrangements are being made to address municipal issues in collaboration with the Mayor of Karachi, including drainage and waste disposal. Additionally, he discussed ongoing efforts to improve the revenue of Karachi Fish Harbor through the Muswari program and collaboration with other stakeholders, such as the Fishermen Cooperative Society.

The advisor emphasized that the ultimate goal is to lift the ban imposed by the European Union to boost the fish business and support the country’s economy. He instructed MD Karachi Fish Harbor Authority, Ali Gul Sanjrani, to work under the vision of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto, stating that officers who do not align with the vision will face consequences, potentially losing their jobs due to incompetence.

Syed Najmi Alam concluded by expressing confidence that these administrative measures will lead to significant improvements in the institution’s operations.

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