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Cnergyico PK Limited Increases Paid-Up Capital through Issuance of Ordinary Shares

Karachi, Cnergyico PK Limited has successfully raised its paid-up capital through the issuance of 163,562,865 ordinary shares. The company has provided the necessary documentation to confirm the increase in capital, paving the way for further expansion and growth.

Cnergyico PK Limited’s auditors have issued a certificate verifying the rise in the company’s paid-up capital subsequent to the issuance of the additional shares. To comply with regulatory requirements, the company has also submitted a certified copy of Form 3 (Return of Allotment) to the Registrar of the Companies.

In addition, Cnergyico PK Limited has fulfilled the necessary financial obligations by submitting two original pay orders drawn on the National Bank of Pakistan. The first pay order, amounting to PKR 3,271,257.00, represents the payment of the additional listing fee in favor of the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (PSX). The second pay order, totaling PKR 327,126.00, covers the supervisory fee of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, also payable to the PSX.

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